Linux & Open Source Consultants

At Open-Future we are recruiting system administrators and consultants with a big interest and passion for Open Source related technologies. We believe that people who have an open mindset and who are eager to learn can become a valuable member of our team.

Open Positions

We have multiple open positions but three very often needed profiles are listed below, you can click on the link for more information and will probably find out that there are few differences between the last two … the Infrastructure Engineer is for the more pure technical ones amongst us and the Open Source Consultant one is for the consultant that seeks more pre-sales adventure, more teaching challenges etc.

DevOps Specialist

Infrastructure Engineer

Open Source Consultant

Next Steps

Would you like to find out more about why Open-Future may be a good match for you? Persuade us with your resume in a suitable format and a cover letter detailing your competencies and why you think we should hire you.