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Open Source Job Fair


When? March 22 2023

There’s a great deal of exciting FOSS jobs in Belgium, but some FOSS companies can be hard to find. Come and visit our Open Source Job Fair on Wednesday 22 March 2023 in the centre of the university city of Leuven. Not just exciting jobs in sysadmin and web development, but also open source libraries, data science, IoT and lots of other interesting FOSS development topics.

Click here to register.

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Zabbix and Open-Future a 10 year celebration

Zabbix and Open-Future a 10 year celebration is unique in our open source world. It shows our commitment to our partners and to our customers.

The fact that we are also certified training partner makes this long term relationship complete! You are kindly invited to check out our trainings offerings here.

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Getting the most out of Zabbix tags

Getting the most out of Zabbix tags is explained by Patrik Uytterhoeven from @OpenFuture_be. So join us for another #Zabbix Spotlight discussion where he presents an argument and a use case for implementing a proper tag structure to improve your Zabbix alerting workflows.

In the need of training? Have a look here.

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Open-Future certified for Zabbix 6.0

Open-Future is proud to announce that it got the certification to provide the Zabbix 6.0 trainings. By doing so we show continues investment in the relationship between both companies.
Two consultants started a while ago with the certification exams and completed it recently.
So yes: Open-Future certified for Zabbix 6.0 meaning that we remain certified training center!

Interested in Zabbix 6.0 trainings: see here or visit the official Zabbix website here.

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ULYSSIS Open Source Job-Event

Launch time for the ULYSSIS Open Source Job-Event Website. You can find the website at Go and have a look but keep in mind that we to have open positions!

Have a look here for job offerings @ Open-Future.

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University of Ghent Benefits from Bacula

“Bacula handles our massive data volume effortlessly. This at significantly less cost that other solutions”

Ghent University is one of the largest Flemish universities. It has around 44,000 students and 9,000 staff members. The University also supports the University Library and the University Hospital. This is one of the largest hospitals in Belgium. Ghent University consistently ranks among the top 100 universities in the world.
Read below how the University of Ghent benefits from Bacula.

The Challenge

The University of Ghent’s IT department was growing, as it expanded its services and capabilities. But there was a problem with data backup and recovery in terms of planning for future years. “We wanted to have reliable backups for a fair price. At the time (2010), we were using NetBackup, but because the cost was significant for us, we made the decision to migrate away from NetBackup. We stopped using it because the product became too expensive. This was mainly because the amount of data we needed to back up was growing continuously, and we needed to free ourselves from a volume-based pricing model” said Saskia Vandamme, System Administrator at the University of Ghent.

The Solution

We first started using Bacula – the free version – about 10-12 years ago. Then, after a few years we decided to switch to Bacula’s Enterprise version, so that we could benefit from the additional modules and the expert support” said Saskia. We chose to work with Bacula System’s local partner, Open Future, to help with implementation and also to benefit from having a local contact for Bacula Enterprise said Saskia.

Gent University uses:

  • SL3000 with 24 drives, 3000 slots. LTO5, 8 to 10 SD’s
  • Isilon storage: 840TB (backup with NDMP module)
  • Gpfs storage: 400TB
  • Bacula Director running on Dell PowerEdge R730xd, RedHat 7.8
  • Bacula storage daemons running on Dell PowerEdge R730xd, RedHat 7.8
  • Catalog: postgres: 1,5TB running on PowerEdge R630

The Results

We use Bacula to make backups of big data shares, which is diskspace that we offer to our users to share data, located on a 400TB GPFS system and a 1 PB Isilon Dell/EMC. In my experience, Bacula is faster to learn than any other product. When it comes to using it on a regular basis, in real-life situations, it is less complex than other solutions I have worked with. Another thing we appreciate here is that Bacula handles our massive data volume effortlessly, and at significantly less cost that other solutions. Open Future and Bacula have always given us great support, and we are happy with Bacula Enterprise’s performance”, said Saskia. So yes, the University of Ghent benefits from Bacula!

Read the complete article here.

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