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Red Hat is still Red Hat

Red Hat is still Red Hat. You’ve heard Paul Cormier say it over the past two years. Now, Gartner echoes this sentiment.

You’ve heard me and other Red Hatters say this many times over the last two years. We’ve proven that we’re leaning into that promise time and time again, not only with our words but with our actions. Our neutrality as the open hybrid cloud company is important not only to us but to IBM as a whole. This is how we help our customers connect and scale all clouds and applications. 

We’re not the only people who believe this. In the 2021 Gartner Vendor Rating: IBM report, IBM received an Overall “Positive” Rating. IBM acquired Red Hat in 2019, so this is the 7th consecutive time that we’ve received a “Positive” rating, including our prior ratings. Per our understanding, we were evaluated separately from IBM, which in our opinion is an acknowledgment of our neutrality and strategy, thus making it potentially the most meaningful.

This rating is a reflection of our open hybrid cloud portfolio that provides choice and flexibility to our customers as they work to build and scale IT systems. There’s no single right answer for every customer, which is why our mix of self-managed products and managed cloud services deliver the right composition whether organizations are developing new or modernizing legacy applications. 

I am so proud of what Red Hat has accomplished this year, and as I look into the future, our path is bright.

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Puppet’s journey into Continuous Compliance


During my tenure at Puppet, I’ve learned that almost everything we do is focused on two things. This is eliminating soul-crushing work, and the never-ending desire to solve really hard customer problems. Couple those with the positive and energetic attitude of the Puppet team, and we’re bound to have a profound impact on our customers. But I really believe we’re onto something here… Puppet’s journey into Continuous Compliance, our newest solution, carries on this theme.

Puppet on the rescue!

Customers have used Puppet for compliance long before Puppet Comply Even prior to the CIS Compliance service launched earlier this year. That’s because Puppet Enterprise allows our customers to take a model-driven approach to configuration management. With PE, customers can define how a system is supposed to look, so that when it gets deployed, it’s automatically configured to the desired state. If the defined configuration changes, Puppet reverts the system back to desired state, eliminating the problem of configuration drift. That’s awesome.

Naturally, this approach to configuration lends itself very well to compliance. I can define how a compliant system looks based on regulatory frameworks and internal security policy, and have PE enforce it. This keeps me automatically and continuously compliant. While Puppet Enterprise is great at enforcing compliance with a defined policy, it doesn’t help you understand HOW compliant you are. There are still some missing puzzle pieces: What’s my overall level of compliance? Which systems are out of compliance, and what do I need to remediate? That might be okay for some, but it’s not okay for most.

Our customers have asked us to provide visibility into their compliance status because defining the model isn’t enough anymore. Companies have entire programs, teams, and resources dedicated to managing compliance programs, and all of the processes and activities within them. They need to have solid programs, and they need to be able to provide proof of compliance. I once heard a customer refer to this as the burden of proof. It’s serious stuff.

Read more on the Puppet blog.

Find out what Puppet training is available @ Open-Future.

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New Zabbix course: Certified User

Zabbix is launching a new course. As certified training partner we are scheduling this course also! The name of the “new Zabbix course: Certified User” (ZCU). Is the very first step in mastering the complex and task- intensive Zabbix monitoring solution. We suggest this course for those who are going to use the Zabbix front-end to view information and want to learn the full potential of Zabbix.

Detailed information about this course and scheduled dates can be found here.

You can also have a look on the Zabbix website.

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Bacula Ansible Integration

Bacula Ansible integration with Ansible Galaxy

Bacula Enterprise is proud to offer Bacula Ansible integration with Ansible Galaxy. A fully integrated solution with Ansible in order to deploy Bacula Enterprise and very soon Bacula Community components.

Ansible Collections are a new and flexible standard to distribute content like playbooks and roles. This new format helps to easily distribute and automate your environment. These pre-packaged collections can also be modified to meet the needs of your environment, especially by using templates and variables. Our Bacula Enterprise Ansible Collection will help you to easily deploy Directors, Clients, and Storages in your environment.

Since Bacula Enterprise Edition version 12.6.4, a new option was introduced to the BWeb configuration split script to allow the configuration to be “re-split” when deploying new resources with the Bacula Enterprise Ansible Collection playbooks. Our collection will create configuration files that can be integrated to your current BWeb configuration by using the tests/re-split-configuration.yml playbook provided in the collection. This is useful to know and use when BWeb is being used to manage your Bacula Enterprise environment. We strongly recommend to use the BWeb configuration split script if you use Bacula Enterprise Ansible Collection to deploy new Clients and Storages and your Bacula Enterprise environment uses BWeb to manage configuration files, because it will check if all the resources being added to the current BWeb structure are correctly defined.

Bacula Enterprise plugins can also be deployed using the Ansible Collection. Please adapt the templates provided to take advantage of the specific configuration needs of your environment. More information about Ansible Galaxy Collections may be found in a blog post here:

The Bacula Enterprise Edition Ansible Collection is publicly available in Ansible Galaxy

Find out here what Open-Future can do to support Bacula in your environment.

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Bacula Enterprise: Ransomware Backup Protection

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are set to further increase throughout 2021. With increasing sophistication – especially with malware types which actually look for weak backup systems and encrypts the backed up data itself. There is a solution … Bacula enterprise: ransomware backup protection.

Protection with Bacula

Many large data centers and MSPs have been attacked with ransomware. They have used Bacula Enterprise to safely and rapidly recover their data, avoiding downtime, cost and blackmail.
IT personnel need to be absolutely sure their organization is fully protected using best practices. Take a look at Bacula’s Top 7 Protection Strategies for Backup Servers to be sure you are where you need to be.

Bacula’s advice

Bacula Systems’ strong advice is that your organization fully complies with these data backup and recovery best practices.
Bacula provides industry-unique architecture to be especially robust against ransomware attacks. It also has specific tools to further detect and protect. As such, it is used by some of the world’s largest security organizations as their primary backup solution. Having an enterprise-grade backup solution such as Bacula is essential. Correct data backup, storage and compliance practice can be the main difference between a company’s survival and failure.

Conclusion … Bacula enterprise: “ransomware backup protection” covers it all!

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Zabbix Update

Time for a fresh and new Zabbix Update.
What’s new
Zabbix 5.0.11rc1 is out now. Explore what’s new and feel free to test the release candidate out.

We are already preparing for the upcoming Zabbix Summit Online 2021, which will take place on October 21. We want to remind you that if you considered talking at the event, make sure to submit the paper until July 21. Registration for attendees is also open
Happy Birthday, Zabbix
Another Zabbix Update: they say perfection is hard to achieve, but we strive for it. On April 12, we celebrated the 16th birthday of the Zabbix company. Looking back, we can see how much work the team has accomplished. May the moving forward keep on going! Thank you for choosing Zabbix!
Upcoming Zabbix Training Courses

All Zabbix courses can be found here.