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How to automate your Bacula environment

How to #automate your #bacula environment using #ansible and have time for a #coffee?

Find out here.

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Zabbix new releases

Zabbix, and 5.0.27 have been released. Zabbix 6.2.2 adds a brand new set of cloud monitoring templates:

  • AWS cloud RDS and S3 bucket templates
  • Azure instance state and virtual machine templates

Need training? See our official trainings offerings here.

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Bacula Community 13.0 released!

Bacula Enterprise is not the only Bacula product that is enjoying healthy and regular development! We are proud to announce that Bacula Community 13.0 released! It is available right now.

Here are some of the interesting new tweaks and features of version 13.0:

  • Kubernetes Plugin
  • Storage Group
  • New Accurate Option to Save Only File’s Metadata
  • External LDAP Console Authentication
  • Tag Support
  • Support for SHA256 and SHA512 in FileSet

It’s worth noting that the Kubernetes plugin is especially powerful in terms of functionality and represents fairly advanced technology in the IT industry. This advanced plugin backs up and recovers Kubernetes cluster resources, Persistent Volumes, uses new Kubernetes CSI driver snapshot features to perform Persistent Volume data backup, and much more.

If you have any interesting use examples for this plugin, please feel free to share with Bacula so we can then share it with our readers! We hope you like it, and look forwards to your feedback.

Read the article here.

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Bacula Enterprise 14.0.3 is released!

Bacula Enterprise 14.0.3 is released! Microsoft 365 Teams support, QEMU/Proxmox with incremental backup support and Nutanix filer High File Count (HFC).

Learn more in the release notes.

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CEO of Puppet: Puppet + Perforce

Announcement from the CEO of Puppet: Puppet + Perforce. Perforce announced an agreement to acquire Puppet. Within Perforce, Puppet will be run as a business unit delivering Puppet branded infrastructure automation solutions alongside several other DevOps business units within the company. The completion of the acquisition is expected in the second quarter of 2022 pending regulatory approvals.

The acquisition benefits Puppet customers, partners, and the open source community by enhancing Puppet’s existing solutions, accelerating the development of future products, and providing access to the broader portfolio of Perforce offerings.

Perforce and Puppet will continue delivering the products and features that enable our customers to continuously deliver, make compliant, remediate, and manage hybrid-cloud environments. The combined team is committed to continuing to set the standard for delivering and managing infrastructure estates predictably at scale. This includes the support of the open source community that has made Puppet the leader in infrastructure automation.

Read the complete announcement here.

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Zabbix Baseline Monitoring  & Kubernetes

The Zabbix Baseline Monitoring  & Kubernetes lets you get familiar with the new #BaselineMonitoring feature and explains more about Zabbix & #Kubernetes integration by joining the #ZabbixMeetupOnline on April 27, 2022.

Feel free to ask any tech questions to our speakers during the 2-hour online session.

Discover more about the event and make sure you have completed the registration by following this link:

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