Zabbix: Summit Online 2020!

Access the world’s best
Zabbix usage practices
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Join us for the annual Zabbix Summit Online 2020 – the only place to hear outstanding use cases of Zabbix and deep dive in technical solutions from worldwide Zabbix experts.

Zabbix Summit goes online this year, which means you can access the premier Zabbix event of the year with only one click right from your home or office.

What is also important, this year’s summit will be free and available to all interested users.

Zabbix Summit Online 2020 agenda will be mostly dedicated to Zabbix 5.2 release, is expected to be announced before the event. Zabbix team engineers who work with the most challenging monitoring tasks daily will cover multiple technical topics and give a hands-on introduction for the new release and benefit from the latest features.
The full agenda will be published soon, but for now, we are revealing a few topics from Zabbix Team. 

“Keep all secrets encrypted and secure”
Find out all about new security functions featured in the latest Zabbix release.

Smart problem and anomaly detection
“Supercharge Zabbix with powerful insights”
A new set of trigger functions for long term analysis of trend data will allow Zabbix to analyze historical data and generate alerts on detected anomalies.

“User roles for the enterprise” 
New features to improve monitoring team daily work around the globe. How to set user roles for different team members, add language settings, and per-user timezones. 

IoT monitoring
“Zabbix for IoT monitoring” 
Zabbix 5.2 comes with support for Internet of Things protocols Modbus and MQTT. Zabbix Agent 2 will be able to collect MQTT data and work with Modbus out-of-box. Find out a few use cases of how Zabbix monitors IoT.
– Zabbix Summit Online 2020 will be held on October 30
– Traditional hands-on workshops will be run virtually
– Special chat rooms will be created for communication and networking
– The Summit will be held in such a way that it would be convenient for participants from all over the world to take part

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Bacula: Advanced Backup and Recovery of Clustered Proxmox

With Differential and Incremental Backup 

Bacula Enterprise covers more types of virtual environments than any other  backup and recovery provider. That includes Proxmox Clusters, via its native, highly scalable, automated backup and recovery architecture. You can protect as much data as you like, with no added costs from Bacula. All with one single, modern, highly automated platform.

Bacula’s fully integrated solution backs up and recovers data from Proxmox environments, including its two virtualization technologies: Kernel-based Virtual Machine (QEMU/KVM) and container-based virtualization with Linux Containers (LXC). Just some of its features are:

•    Scan Proxmox clusters to automate Bacula config for each virtual machine
•    Snapshot-based online backup of any Proxmox VM, including QEMU, LXC
•    Full image-level Proxmox backup
•    Restore VM image to original or alternate Proxmox hypervisor
•    Restore QEMU VM archive (.vma) to an alternate directory
•    Restore LXC VM archive and configuration to alternate directory

Bacula also provides native, high performance backup and recovery for VMware, RHV, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen – and so much more. Stop paying too much to expensive vendors that give poor support. Start talking to a company that actually cares about you. If you need a backup and recovery company that prepares you for tomorrow, it’s time to get in touch with us.


Zabbix: Upgrade and migrate to PostgreSQL with TimescaleDB

Open-Future is a company based in Nossegem (Belgium), focused exclusively on the Open Source market. Read the case showing how the company upgraded to Zabbix 4.4 and migrated from PostgreSQL table partitioning to PostgreSQL with TimescaleDB to ensure Zabbix support.

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