Zabbix: Automation and Integration with Zabbix API

This is an online training!

The course is designed to provide a detailed and in-depth study of Zabbix API functionality – like import host groups, generate reports, or integrate with other systems. Different use cases will be explained, from sending simple JSON RPC requests to writing complex scripts using python API wrapper.

Products covered
Latest release of Zabbix course material.

In small groups (up-to 8 persons).

1 days.

Course requirements

  • The course is intended for students with advanced Zabbix knowledge who wants to extend Zabbix possibilities beyond the functionality offered by the Zabbix frontend.

Course program

  • Zabbix API implementation
  • Zabbix API sessions
  • Accessing Zabbix components using API
  • Zabbix API methods (create, get, update, delete, etc.)
  • Configuration management using API (host import, etc.)
  • Integration with other systems using API
  • Generating reports using Zabbix API
  • Accessing Zabbix API using 3rd party tools
  • Writing complex scenarios using Zabbix API