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Endian Case Study

Endian ensures IT security in the Smart Mini Factory at the University of Bolzano.

Smart factories offer a wide attack surface for cyber criminals. That is why the Free University of Bolzano is securing its “Smart Mini Factory“, a learning factory for Industry 4.0 technologies, with the Endian Secure Digital Platform. In addition to comprehensive IT security, the platform enables the use of edge computing and the management of roles and rights.

A cyberattack on a networked factory can be life-threatening in extreme cases, for example if an employee is near a machine that is set in motion by a cyberattack. For this reason, the University of Bolzano decided on network segmentation and separated some machines of the Smart Mini Factory from the general network via the Endian 4i Edge X IoT security gateways

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Is your backup and recovery vendor letting you down?

Is your backup and recovery vendor letting you down? Times change, and there are some things that can be much improved when it comes to data backup in IT departments. Do you feel your backup solution is:

  • Open to ransomware attack?
  • Unreliable?
  • Too expensive?
  • Cannot cover all your IT applications?
  • Inflexible to your needs?
  • Delivers poor support?

If so, you’ll likely do much better with Bacula. Just ask our customers!

“We are in a stronger position to control and forecast costs. Bacula has removed those kind of constraints for us. CGD Bank

Andrue Netcher, BIT Engineering Manager at Warner Bros Discovery, said “Bacula gives us the higher security backup and robustness we need for a live media broadcast environment.  As a rule, the other backup systems we looked at were too complex; this problem became worse when we looked at their pricing model.

Ask us about our many user cases – such as a large organization that migrated to Bacula in order to protect its entire group of IT centers with Bacula. This backup and recovery deployment included all Microsoft 365 modules, so that it could benefit from Bacula’s especially high security levels AND cut costs dramatically due to Bacula’s flat pricing model for M365 backup.

Bacula puts your security up, and costs down. Why not get in touch now and let us know the problems you face with your backup, restore and Disaster Recovery? Our senior experts are available to help you get into a better place.

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Zimbra Patch Alert

Because of Zimbra Patch Alert: the ClamAV package has been upgraded to version 0.105.2 to fix multiple vulnerabilities.

Zimbra 9.0.0 Kepler Patch 31 and 8.8.15 James Prescott Joule Patch 38

As part of this patch, we are releasing the updated ClamAV and its related packages which are installed only on MTA nodes. Since this patch will not get installed on other nodes (e.g. Mailbox, LDAP), it will continue to display the previously installed patch versions as Patch 9.0.0_P30/Patch 8.8.15_P37.

This alert is sent out to all Zimbra partners. 

The patches include the following listed in their respective releases

  • What’s New
  • Security Fixes
  • Known Issues

Please refer to the release notes for the patch installation on Red Hat and Ubuntu platforms.

An upgrade to the latest patch for your version is highly recommended. More information about the recommended patch can be found at:

We plan to make additional information available on our Security Center page as it becomes available. 

Note: Additional configuration for further hardening your Zimbra setup can be found on the Zimbra Support Portal. It is recommended that all customers consider these additional steps.

Company News

Open Source Job Fair


When? March 22 2023

There’s a great deal of exciting FOSS jobs in Belgium, but some FOSS companies can be hard to find. Come and visit our Open Source Job Fair on Wednesday 22 March 2023 in the centre of the university city of Leuven. Not just exciting jobs in sysadmin and web development, but also open source libraries, data science, IoT and lots of other interesting FOSS development topics.

Click here to register.

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Zabbix Meeting Belgium March 8

Meet Zabbix team in person

Zabbix Meeting Belgium is designed to guide you through Zabbix solution and company, covering different examples from useful business-cases and Zabbix services. It will allow you to familiarize yourself with Zabbix principles, team, customers, and professional services that Zabbix and its partners provide in Belgium. This meeting will be held together with Zabbix partner Open-Future.

When? Match 8 2023

Register here.

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ZIMBRA Daffodil a sneak peak

Coming soon, Zimbra Daffodil a sneak peak

Zimbra Daffodil comes with new beginnings.

Our goal is to meet customers’ needs with an agile roadmap.

With Zimbra Daffodil (Version 10), you get the freedom of choice. The technology agility and capabilities help you to be more future-resistant, just like the enterprises, governments and financial institutions we work with.

Read more here!