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ZIMBRA Daffodil a sneak peak

Coming soon, Zimbra Daffodil a sneak peak

Zimbra Daffodil comes with new beginnings.

Our goal is to meet customers’ needs with an agile roadmap.

With Zimbra Daffodil (Version 10), you get the freedom of choice. The technology agility and capabilities help you to be more future-resistant, just like the enterprises, governments and financial institutions we work with.

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Zabbix is now ISO27001 certified

Zabbix receives ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate for information security.

Riga, Latvia – The open-source monitoring software company Zabbix receives ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international certificate for information security. This certificate assures that Zabbix protects all its information related to the company and its customers. This certificate is issued for four Zabbix offices: Zabbix LLC (USA), Zabbix SIA (Latvia), Zabbix Japan LLC (Japan) and Zabbix Servicos de Software LTDA (LATAM Brazil). .

Although security measures within the company have always been held to a high standard, the certificate serves as official proof of commitment towards prioritizing information security best practices within the organization.

“ISO 27001:2013 is an international standard, whose implementation will provide a stable framework for information security management by identifying existing information security risks and by providing the necessary measures to prevent them and to reduce their impact in the future.” as stated from “BM certification” – the company that guided Zabbix certification process and issued the certificate.

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Fosdem Config Management Camp 2023

After 2 years of only having a Virtual Devroom at Fosdem, I`m happy to be able to invite all of you again to Ghent for the next edition of Config Management Camp 2023. As always we are catering for the Open Source Infrastructure Automation Crowd. Cloud(less), Container(less), or Server(less) , doesn’t matter to us.

Right after #fosdem I hope to see a lot of you back in Ghent That’s from the 6th to the 8th of february 2023 !

Our CFP is open

And we’ll be opening Registration (FREE) soooon ..

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Zabbix Conference Benelux 2023!

You are invited to Zabbix Conference Benelux 2023!

We present you the Zabbix Conference Benelux 2023 – the event that will gather Zabbix Community members from the Benelux and neighbor countries.

We are excited and pleased to know that Zabbix Conferences have a big success and are popular within the circles of local Zabbix users throughout the world. In 2023 Zabbix conferences will be organized in the Benelux, Germany, China and Japan.

This year we will hold already the 3rd Zabbix Conference Benelux in a row. Let’s meet and discuss Zabbix-related topics, share the experience and ideas, as well as have a good time all together.

The conference will be held in English.

Register here!!!

📍 Antwerp, Belgium
📅 April 14-15, 2023
🌐 The event will be conducted in English

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SoftIron Manufacturing Facility Officially Inaugurated

Today is a huge day for SoftIron: the SoftIron Manufacturing Facility Officially Inaugurated at Botany in Sydney, Australia.

Part funded by the Australian Department of Defence via a Sovereign Industrial Capability grant, the facility is the country’s first advanced manufacturing hub to produce IT products. It will be producing components for our ground-breaking HyperCloud Intelligent Cloud Fabric, the world’s first complete technology for building clouds

Australia is now one step closer towards developing its first sovereign capability in the area of critical technology, and we’re proud to be playing a critical role in this development.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our employees, customers and strategic partners in the region who have helped bring this momentous milestone to life.

Read more in the press release below, and stay tuned for more exciting news from down under!

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Bacula: Security Up. Costs Down.

Bacula is set to announce a major release of its Enterprise backup and recovery version in the coming few weeks, featuring exciting new capabilities around augmented in-cloud Hypervisor functionality, new SaaS backup technologies and new cloud plug-ins.

One additional important element of this new release will be state of the art security enhancements and technologies. Some of the new features will be:

  • A special Cybersecurity dashboard
  • A dedicated Windows security plugin: For checking permissions, access points, users and suspicious activity
  • Storage Daemon Encryption: This delivers even tighter security within Bacula’s robust architecture
  • SIEM Integration: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration providing access to Bacula’s monitoring, detection, logging and alerting of security incidents. This allows real-time visibility across an organization’s information security systems including your backup system
  • Automatic malware protection: An automated verification of backed up and/or restored data against threats such as ransomware
  • Improved & enriched metrics: e.g. for Catalog-based analytics
  • Bacula SNMP MIB: Ready integration of Bacula into SNMP monitoring/management
  • NAS Object lock: WORM-like ability to trigger a write lock to NAS-based data in order to prevent anyone to delete/change that data

Remember, Bacula’s Linux-based enterprise software is already one of the most secure solutions available in the industry. The availability of these new features will further establish Bacula as a clear industry leader regarding security levels of backup and recovery solutions.

“The most powerful backup tool on the market. Multi-cloud, multi-environment and multi-OS backups in one tool Navisite

Stop paying too much to expensive vendors that give poor support. Download the white paper for IT Directors: “Cyber Security From the Backup and Recovery Perspective”. Or Contact Bacula now to find out more about our new technologies and how your organization can get exactly the level of protection it needs.