Open-Future is an open source software integrator.
This however does not mean we cannot help you with your infrastructure.
We have in house knowledge to help you choose the best hardware for your needs and help you with the installation. 
We are an open source company and because of this we believe in openness. 
For us it’s important that you as customer are free to choose your own hardware

Most company processes are spanned over several different packages that don’t always play along well.
Keeping several data instances up to date in parallel is often a recipe for disaster. 
Integration is the answer to your problem, linking these separate instances together, creating the synergy that will save you from split data disasters and streamline your workflow.

We are not specialized in one domain in the infrastructure world. 
We aim to provide the knowledge in many domains that are now available at the market. 
We are specialized in managing from small to bigger environments with the well known configuration management tools. 
After that it doesn’t stop and we provide the installation/configuration of specific monitoring tools for your organisation. 
Every aspect of a good running environment is important for us, so we provide the best solution to backup your data in your environment. 
By using the right tools, we make sure you recover from a disaster scenario as quickly as possible