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Is your backup and recovery vendor letting you down?

Is your backup and recovery vendor letting you down? Times change, and there are some things that can be much improved when it comes to data backup in IT departments. Do you feel your backup solution is:

  • Open to ransomware attack?
  • Unreliable?
  • Too expensive?
  • Cannot cover all your IT applications?
  • Inflexible to your needs?
  • Delivers poor support?

If so, you’ll likely do much better with Bacula. Just ask our customers!

“We are in a stronger position to control and forecast costs. Bacula has removed those kind of constraints for us. CGD Bank

Andrue Netcher, BIT Engineering Manager at Warner Bros Discovery, said “Bacula gives us the higher security backup and robustness we need for a live media broadcast environment.  As a rule, the other backup systems we looked at were too complex; this problem became worse when we looked at their pricing model.

Ask us about our many user cases – such as a large organization that migrated to Bacula in order to protect its entire group of IT centers with Bacula. This backup and recovery deployment included all Microsoft 365 modules, so that it could benefit from Bacula’s especially high security levels AND cut costs dramatically due to Bacula’s flat pricing model for M365 backup.

Bacula puts your security up, and costs down. Why not get in touch now and let us know the problems you face with your backup, restore and Disaster Recovery? Our senior experts are available to help you get into a better place.