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Red Hat is still Red Hat

Red Hat is still Red Hat. You’ve heard Paul Cormier say it over the past two years. Now, Gartner echoes this sentiment.

You’ve heard me and other Red Hatters say this many times over the last two years. We’ve proven that we’re leaning into that promise time and time again, not only with our words but with our actions. Our neutrality as the open hybrid cloud company is important not only to us but to IBM as a whole. This is how we help our customers connect and scale all clouds and applications. 

We’re not the only people who believe this. In the 2021 Gartner Vendor Rating: IBM report, IBM received an Overall “Positive” Rating. IBM acquired Red Hat in 2019, so this is the 7th consecutive time that we’ve received a “Positive” rating, including our prior ratings. Per our understanding, we were evaluated separately from IBM, which in our opinion is an acknowledgment of our neutrality and strategy, thus making it potentially the most meaningful.

This rating is a reflection of our open hybrid cloud portfolio that provides choice and flexibility to our customers as they work to build and scale IT systems. There’s no single right answer for every customer, which is why our mix of self-managed products and managed cloud services deliver the right composition whether organizations are developing new or modernizing legacy applications. 

I am so proud of what Red Hat has accomplished this year, and as I look into the future, our path is bright.