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Bacula Ansible Integration

Bacula Ansible integration with Ansible Galaxy

Bacula Enterprise is proud to offer Bacula Ansible integration with Ansible Galaxy. A fully integrated solution with Ansible in order to deploy Bacula Enterprise and very soon Bacula Community components.

Ansible Collections are a new and flexible standard to distribute content like playbooks and roles. This new format helps to easily distribute and automate your environment. These pre-packaged collections can also be modified to meet the needs of your environment, especially by using templates and variables. Our Bacula Enterprise Ansible Collection will help you to easily deploy Directors, Clients, and Storages in your environment.

Since Bacula Enterprise Edition version 12.6.4, a new option was introduced to the BWeb configuration split script to allow the configuration to be “re-split” when deploying new resources with the Bacula Enterprise Ansible Collection playbooks. Our collection will create configuration files that can be integrated to your current BWeb configuration by using the tests/re-split-configuration.yml playbook provided in the collection. This is useful to know and use when BWeb is being used to manage your Bacula Enterprise environment. We strongly recommend to use the BWeb configuration split script if you use Bacula Enterprise Ansible Collection to deploy new Clients and Storages and your Bacula Enterprise environment uses BWeb to manage configuration files, because it will check if all the resources being added to the current BWeb structure are correctly defined.

Bacula Enterprise plugins can also be deployed using the Ansible Collection. Please adapt the templates provided to take advantage of the specific configuration needs of your environment. More information about Ansible Galaxy Collections may be found in a blog post here:

The Bacula Enterprise Edition Ansible Collection is publicly available in Ansible Galaxy

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