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Bacula: New Agentless RHV Module With Differential and Incremental Backup Levels

Red Hat Virtualization is just one of the many virtual environments that Bacula Enterprise covers with totally integrated, highly scalable, automated backup and recovery. No data volume charges mean you can protect as much data as you like, with no added costs from Bacula. All from one advanced, modern platform.

Bacula Enterprise’s new native integration with RHV provides backup levels such as Differential, Incremental, and Full.

Bacula’s native integration and advanced backup functionality for Red Hat Virtualization goes far beyond that of its competitors:

•   Agentless, snapshot backups of RHV virtual machines
•   Differential, Incremental and Full backup levels
•   Powerful selection and exclusion mechanisms for fine control
•   Transparent quiescing and snapshot creation
•   Restore flexibility: to a different cluster/storage
•   Restore to existing or new virtual instances
•   Configuration of restored virtual machines on the fly
•   Select different backup sets and customize restore process

Bacula’s VM Performance Backup Suite provides integrated data backup and recovery not only for RHV environments, but also for VMware, XEN, Hyper-V, KVM and Proxmox. Contact us now to find out how you can both modernize your data center and significantly reduce costs with Bacula Enterprise. Work faster. Work smarter. Take the free trial now and find out how Bacula makes your life easier.