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Bacula: Take Control of Your Cloud Data Backup Strategy

Bacula Enterprise has just extended its native cloud integration to Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud, complementing its S3, S3IA and Azure interfaces. Users have a complete, advanced backup and recovery strategy that covers their entire physical, virtual and Cloud environments. All from one single platform. 

Bacula’s approach to the Cloud is smarter than its competitors, with the ability to manage network bandwidth when moving data into the cloud, and concurrent asynchronous upload and download of backup data to and from the Cloud. It gives multiple bucket support in a single storage daemon, and configuration of each bucket to suit the user’s personal needs. 

But perhaps the most important thing to know is that Bacula does not charge by data volume. So instead of being held to ransom by your current backup vendor, why not discover why so many datacenters are suddenly switching to Bacula? Get in touch with us now, or take a look at the free trial!