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Bacula: World’s First Fully Automated Backup and Recovery for Docker.

Bacula is the first backup and recovery software vendor to offer fully automated, integrated and comprehensive backup of Docker. Aimed at easing the workloads of IT and DevOps departments using Docker, SUSE, CaaS or OpenShift, this is the first in a series of significant technology announcements Bacula Systems will make in the first half of 2019 regarding Containers – including Kubernetes – as it takes a growing leadership role in data backup and recovery.

In order to ease adoption into IT environments, the module is available free of additional charge for a limited period of time within most subscription levels of its popular backup and recovery software. Some key features of Bacula’s Docker module are:

• Backup and Recovery of Docker containers configuration, volumes and images
• Fully integrated solution, adhering to Docker philosophy and methodology
• Complete automation for rapid roll-out of container protection strategies
• Advanced integration, using Docker API
• Free of charge with Bronze level Subscriptions and above
• Image saving, image rollback and backup of image changes
• Fine grained control over what containers and images to back up

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